• Digital Humanities Methods

    Distant Reading – how much distance can we bear?

    Distant reading is a method which allows you not to read texts and therefore have a look at large corpora. #DigitalHumanities

    In his book “Distant Reading” (Moretti, 2013), which I recently presented here, Franco Moretti deliberately and surely a bit provocatively claims that it would be useless to read more and more. Instead, literary scholars should finally learn the art of not reading. In fact, we now have many digital methods at our disposal with which one can distance oneself from the text, i.e. one does not have to read it oneself, but can use a computer to help. But what inaccuracies must one actually accept if one wants to do Distant Reading? And how can the method be used sensibly?…

  • Literary Column

    Reading biographically

    In literary studies it is a little frowned upon to read biographically. In the book trade one can hardly escape the advertising factor of biographically coloured stories. But what’s actually against it? And why is it sometimes difficult to get…